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Mission and operation

Mission and operation

ITP – Vocational Technical Institute, Lda has been consolidating, almost since its inception, its position in a niche market that can be characterized by the expression: “FORMATION AS THE CLIENT”.

Specifically, the ITP shows to potential customers – industrial companies – the potential to study their training needs and capacity, an organized and economically, address these needs through the development of targeted training strategies supported by previous studies of particularities of their production facilities.

In ITP, the trainer came with from the beginning the whole process leading to the formation, in order to know where the action will take place, to know and to consult the manuals of the equipment, go collaborating with the educational coordinator in the preparation of the Course Manual, distribute trainees at the beginning of the teaching program, and begin contact with the trainees.

As the training is directed to the staff of production lines and maintenance, usually to fill knowledge gaps in the performance of their daily activity, most lawsuits arise in the normal course of work. Not to disrupt the normal rhythm of production, replicas of equipment are used or exploited stops or other “dead spots” of production lines. When the equipment can be transportable classroom is not used to undermine the normal operation of the plant. When the company does not have all the necessary equipment, the ITP timely furnish these gaps with their own equipment or rent it to market.