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ITP – Vocational Technical Institute, Lda is part of a group of companies under the name Natura-ITP,

Medicine and Professional Training Ltd is a company dedicated to Vocational Training, offering courses with their own programs.

The formation of the universe that is dedicated ITP is vast, and to highlight the areas of:

Industrial Mechanics and Maintenance; Matallurgy and Machining Operation;  Energy, Heat and Air; Electricity.

Electronics and Telecommunications; Environment, Safety and Health of Workers at Work (the this area are approved by IDICT).

To cope with such a broad range of training offered, the ITP has an extensive team of trainers from

various sectors and with a great training experience, combined with solid professional experience.

The coordinators also extensive experience in vocational education, are ready to suit training requirements

that are required in distinctly; the proximity of the contents and strategies to sociological, technical and

organizational realities of companies, is the essential factor of our action . The ITP is dedicated primarily

employee training at the place of work while he or she is doing the actual job, intra-company.

The rigor and competence with which we provide our services,

coupled with the use of innovative training methodologies are the main reason for our claim