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About our methodologies

Activity vectors:

Intra-company training [ Training Plans to Measure ];

Diagnosis / Survey of Training Needs ;

Design of the training plan ; Implementation of Training Plan.


 Intra-company training [ Training Program ]:

Diagnosis of Training Needs;

Training Plans of Development (annual or multiannual );

Definition of human and material resources necessary for proper development of the courses;

Recruitment and Training of Selection;

Providing tutoring Theory and Practice;

Preparation of texts, manuals and Videos Support;

Management and Monitoring courses in their Pedagogical optics;

Development of Intermediate and Final Pedagogical Evaluation Reports;

Course Impact Assessment


Forms of training

The predominant modes are: initial training; qualification training; training update / improvement; retraining for .


Forms of organization

In the training sessions are used the following forms of organization :formal classroom training; training at the place work/”on job training”; training -action.