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-    Technical-Pedagogical Dossier

- Technical-Pedagogical Dossier

The organization of information and documentation file for the training is a crucial factor in achieving the same process, since it allows ITP :

1. Having the direct and updated control over the implementation of action;

2. Having a reliable history of actions available for inspection by or at the request of interested parties and also by training activity audit entities .

The ITP has the means and instruments for the permanent collection of information relating to the implementation of these measures with a view to controlling and assessing impact and ensure your registration , organization and management in the form of a technical and pedagogical dossier for each training course .

The structure of the technical-pedagogical dossier is free and should be structured according to the design features and should include herself, mutatis mutandis , all the supporting documentation for each of the approved training activities / developed .

Dossier Técnico-Pedagógico

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